Friday, January 15, 2010

more photos...

ok. so still not much is happening, except that I am still knitting like a fiend! Here is are some photos of the christmas present I made for my sister-in-law. I am hoping she might use it for her wedding.

This is the Valentina XL from Brigit Freyer Designs at
She has the most wonderful patterns. I knit this out of  Earth Collection Ecco Cashmere from Diamond Yarns. It is supersoft and really cuddly.
In the meantime I have started another one, just a small scarf - Flowery Lines - also from Birgit Freyer, but I ran out of wool, so now I have to try and see where I got it. I think I might remember where.
When I was out last week trying to find the yarn, I also saw another shawl in a woolstore and ended up buying the wool and I am in the process of finishing this. More photos of that at a later date.
For my 50th birthday - yes I am old.....- my daughter arranged to have a family photo done and I am thrilled with them.
see for yourself.....

This is a photo of the original, but I think it turned out quite ok.

Just look at us gorgeous

Ain't this the greatest?  They actually get along!!!!
We had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot. I would recommend everyone does this at least once in their lifetime. The photographer was inspiring and kept us talking throughout the entire "performance". I'd love to have one done with the dogs, but I guess for now I will just be the photographer of my dogs.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

How is it that there isn't much happening, yet I seem to be always busy? I just don't get it. If someone asked me, "so..what's new?", I wouldn't know what to tell them. There is nothing new in my life, yet I don't seem to have time to do the things I want to do, like watch some old movies, do some scrapbooking, straighten out the house (read- organize and throw out some stuff!!) I have a three-day weekend every week and still not enough time. I want to get together with some friends and go out for lunch; I want to go to the mall; I want to take a long soak in the bathtub; I want to organize my trip to Arizona, I want...I want..I want.  .....and just not enough time. How did I ever manage before? I am stumped.
It is cold here, too cold. That's why I agreed to go to Arizona with my husband for an extended long weekend. It will be fun seeing friends again, even though it is coupled with business as well. The hotel has a wonderful spa and I think I will take advantage of that.
I have started another shawl and some fingerless gloves. I am also making a scarf out of the leftover yarns, but it's just not enough, so now I need to go and get more. Hopefully I'll be able to match it somehow. We'll see. to doing nothing again....

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well here it is - 2010!  I survived the holidays with all its food and drink.  Now it is time to go back to good clean living.
Christmas was actually quite relaxing once I had all the shopping done and all the wrapping. Today will be a movie day. I got the new Harry Potter movie and I want to watch that one this afternoon. And knit while I am at it.
We took the dogs for a lovely walk this morning. Temperatures were quite comfortable and it was snowing big heavy snowflakes.

The dogs loved it. So while out there I also took some photos on our walk through town. It was just so peaceful and pretty.

During the holidays I also finally finished my Opera jacket.

I wore it yesterday to work and got lots of compliments. It is very warm considering it's full of holes!!!!
I am quite pleased with it. Would  I make another one?  not sure. I think only if someone paid me for it.  lol

We also had one of the girls at work, whose sister ran in the Olympic torch run while it was coming through our town. She was kind enough to bring in the torch and we all got to take photos with it.

that's me holding it. It was lighter than I anticipated. What a thrill to hold it, soot and all!

and just for the fun of it....a picture of my silly dog Ollie.

Well off to have breakfasts now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful peaceful day and a happy and peaceful 2010.