Sunday, November 22, 2009

Already middle of November...

Just a few more weeks and it's Christmas. I am wAYYYYYY behind in decorating, cooking and shopping. AND making presents. Am I behind!!!!!
However, I did get a couple of things finished, one of which is a baby dress for one of the girls at work, which will go along with the baby blanket I made.
The other is a vest I finished for another girl. Her mom had started it, but never finished it. Won't she be surprised.

Now I am just running them through the wash. In the meantime I am knitting another Moebius scarf for the same friend who the vest belongs to. Then my son calls yesterday while he is out shopping and just as a "by the way" can you knit a hat for my friend? But it must be one of thos ugly 1980's hat with a pompom. Great, another thing to make. I should get paid for this... :)
It is a lovely day today, sunny and a high of 12degrees C. and that for November 22!!! Hope this keeps up, they did say that we can expect snow next weekend though. We'll see....
My guys are out getting fire wood, so I got the place to myself. Wonderful! At least I can get things done around here.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moebius - Wave of Colour by Birgit Freyer Moebius - my first ever - is complete ....ta..da!!!

I love the colour. Yes, I am a purple freak. Just too bad I ran out of wool and had to add another yarn for the last 10 rows. I do think though that it blends quite nicely. I am quite happy with it and would definitely make another one. Not sure though what type of yarn I would choose. I do like the silky feel.
Here are my photos....

this is what it looks like me wearing it....sans head..haha...

Today we had our family portrait done. It was quite fun. There were some great pictures taken. Can't wait to see them printed. I am thinking I might still get the CD done anyway.  We'll see. That was my birthday present from my family. Finally!!! I always wanted one, but everyone always complained. They are so not
It is a beautiful day today, 13 degrees!!!!! Let's hope it stays like this for a while. I am just not ready for snow.