Saturday, February 27, 2010


My.... so much snow....

 This snow storm has been expected here for some time now and it finally arrived. It was quite a shock this morning when we got up. Certainly didn't expect this!

The dogs are loving it...well at least one of them, the other just likes to sit and look and watch from the inside....

Ollie loves to romp in the snow. He usually goes flying around the back yard at a 100 miles an hour. But today he just likes to watch the street through his "window".
He seemed to have found something. From there he can look under the hot tub and since it is open underneath, there are usually cats that take shelter there and I think that is what he might smell.


Along with that comes the clean up. This is my son Adrian cleaning his car. The driveway was next.

Can I come in now??
So there is our fun this morning. This afternoon we are taking my mother-in-law to see "Rain" - the Beatles Tribute in downtown Toronto. Just hoping that by the time we leave the snow has been cleared enough. I suspect that the major routes should be fairly clear. It's just the outlying areas and subdivisions that get looked after last.