Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Mama Mia!!

Time just flies!!!!  And am I having fun?   Probably.....otherwise it wouldn't take me this long to post.
Not a heck of a lot of things have happened but still exciting small things.
I am flip flopping back and forth at work. They asked me - politely I might add - to move to a different department - I agreed.  Do I like it?  ...not so much. I do not like call centres. They are impersonal, and I feel I am not doing my job to my full potential. It is easy to fluff things under the carpet and I hate that. I like to deal with the person on the other line. I like to get to know them, I like to help and if I can't this moment, I like to investigate until I have the answers - good or bad. So I plug along.  Flop back....they have asked me - politely again - to move back to my old position ( which by the way I had no idea I liked so much - You always miss things once they're gone, but don't know how to appreciate them when you have them). I I just wait for the time I am to move back. Will I like it? Most likely. I am really an easy going person, but this is wearing me down a bit. So.... I have been looking for career alternatives and come up with a great career choice. I always wanted to do home inspections, and low and behold - a new course is being offered - at a college 8 hours away!  So...having to continue employment in order to afford to do this continued education and living in a different part of the country, well...let's just say - not feasible!  So now what do I do?  no idea yet, but hopefully my research into this matter will shed some more light on this. Maybe by the time I am sixty, I will have figured out what I want to do...sigh....maybe I'll just do what I know and just shut up about it.

On another note, I have a small little sidejob, knitting for a local woolstore - that has been a dream of mine and it has come true...maybe in my retired life I might just work in a woolstore....who knows....