Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today is Halloween and I still have a ton of work to do for it, like carve the bloody pumpkin. I hate pumpkins!! Oh well. We had our party at work yesterday and I was an unfinished knitting project.

 back again

This was a lot of fun to make. I wore it over a black top, made some wound wool earrings and a black and red woolball in my hair held by straight knitting needles. One of the guys thought it was great that I incorporated my hobby into my costume. Also it was comfortable to wear. I hate nothing more than a costume that is uncomfortable.

I also went to the Creative Festival this October and bought various wool. One of which I bought 5 balls to make these scarves for the girls for Christmas. I thought they were fun.

these are the five different colours. It took about 20 minutes for each scarf. Greatest project ever!!! The wool is Cocoon by Rozetti and the pattern is from Black Sheep and Ewe.

I also started a new KAL with Birgit Freyer at, It is a moebius scarf and is marvelous. I found the wool I wanted at the Creative Festival. It is a  mulberry silk in purpleberry. I love the feeling of it. It is sooo soft!!! Just hope I have enough.
Here is the beginning of it:

In between all of this I finished another Mia Bella for my daughter for Christmas. This time in black. I wish though I had added beads into this. It would be so elegant.

So I think that is all my news for today.



Sunday, October 25, 2009


well... my Donna Rocco Shawl by Birgit Freyer designs is complete. Here are a few photos of the finished product....


On to the next project. I just spent a few days taking inventory of all my "stash". My... have a lot of wool!!!  To top it all off, I went to the Creative Festival last week and bought more!  I needed a specific type of yarn to make a moebius shawl, since I can't wear wool or wool blends next to my skin. I found a  lovely yarn make from silk. It is 300 yds, I need 400 for the shawl, so I think I will have to shorten it a bit somehow.
I also bought 5 balls of a weird yarn and made 5 scarves from it. It is quite neat.
 this is what the yarn looks like - like Cocoons, which is the name of the pattern
 Here are the other 4 colours.

They took about 20 minutes to make per scarf. Just way too easy but loads of fun. I think the girls will like those for Christmas. Now who do I give which colour to?
And which one do I keep for myself??????
the Creative Festival was a lot of fun. The wall quilt was definitely something to see. It was amazing. Unfortunately could not take a photo.

That's all for today.