Thursday, May 30, 2013

Empty Nesters

Empty nest, they are all gone.  ;(
I keep looking out the kitchen window to see what they're up to and there is.......nothing. An empty nest. That's it.
Wonder if they will reuse the nest..apparently sometimes they do. We shall await their return.

P.S.  Ollie got the littlest one yesterday. He was hiding under the strawberries. He should have stayed in the nest a couple more days to be able to fly.  I blame momma for that. So sad. 

Baby birds

So we have a nest with robins. 
Momma watches us carefully.

Ten days into it, I notice her being more active. I think they've hatched. 
Yup, there's some little beaks. 

They're getting bigger..

...much bigger..

And then they're so big they're ready to take flight. 
I had to make sure the dogs weren't around.  He fluttered from the ground to the little table to he fireplace to the railing. Momma came to feed and encourage him..
Then he took off onto the neighbours low roof. And he made it!

And then the second one took off.. He managed to make it into the tree. Woohoo! Two gone. Three to go..and we thought there was only four. As it turns out there is I've babies.. I still think he first one was pushed by his sibling.. Little buggers. 
Tomorrow I think number 3 will take flight. Momma keeps calling him, but he's not interested- at least not today.