Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi all.

Well summer nights are getting cooler and I can hear the geese flying overhead. That is a sure sign of summer ending. The other day driving down to work, I noticed that the leaves are starting to turn colour already. I am depressed.  However, it is a great day today and I really should be outside instead of inside at the computer.
Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast outside and I so enjoyed that. Hopefully there will be more days for that yet to come.
I have started a new mystery by Birgit Freyer - Heavenly G - and I am finished clue 2, now it's repeat clue 3 - 3 times. It's a slow progress. This one will be a poncho. We had the option of choosing a shawl, cape or poncho. I decided on the poncho just for something different.
Pictures will follow once I clear my camera of the wedding shots.

Our dining room is sold and will be picked up in 2 weeks. That was totally unexpected as I have had no response from Craigslists. The guy delivered wood and was interested in our dining room - sold!  Just like that. I had just finished printing some flyers to put on the local store bulletin board. So much for that.
Then I was making flyers to sell our piano and decided to do some research on it instead. I found out that it was built locally anywhere from 1879 to 1912, It's an antique!  So now we're not sure what to do. We may just keep it and have it restored at some point, or donate it to the local museum if they want it.
We'll see how well it fits with our new furniture when it arrives in October. Can't wait!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Mystic Glance #2

OK.  so I knit a second one because the first one didn't match my dress for the wedding. This one is now black and I knit in lime green beads. It actually looks really good with the beads.
It's so hard to get the beads to show up. Maybe one of these days I'll get a good shot. Hey..maybe at the wedding?

So now I am going to place an add to sell my dining room. As the kids are moving into their own house in a couple of weeks, we have ordered new furniture and I need to get rid of the old stuff.

part 2 of our downtown Toronto adventure...

After the CN Tower we wandered downtown a bit.
The round house
The drive to the Eaton Centre through the downtown core
the flying geese inside the Eaton Cenre


...and then we were off to yet another adventure - Niagara Falls!

The American Falls
Skylon Tower
doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

The Horseshoe Falls - Canadian side
The Maid of the Mist - look at all the little people in their blue ponchos....
The Falls up close...mesmerizing!
love this one with the rainbow and the Maid...
that's a lot of water going over the edge in a day....
After that, the kids went home and we stayed behind to do our tour of the wineries again and stock up on wine. This is Peller Estates, which is one of my favourites. It looks like a little castle and they have a wonderful restaurant where we always eat. This years tasting menu was a surprise, so we had no idea what we were being served. It was great!
All over the place were these little animals which are like large Chia Pets. Eventually some greenery will grow out of them.
rows and rows of grape vines with the tell take rose bush at the beginning. The reason for the rose bush we were told, that if the rose gets sick, they know that the disease will attack the grapes and they have time to do something about it.
Welland Canal
I just liked the red barn in the background...
The view from our Hotel - The Queens Landing - onto the Niagara River and the US side.
looking down the main street in Niagara-on-the-Lake wit the Prince of Wales Hotel on the left
The Prince of Wales Hotel
Fort Niagara on the US side at the entrance of Lake Ontario into the Niagara River
While we were wandering around at the river, this guy caught a Lake Bass, It was probably a foot long. All he said was :"Dinner".  We laughed.
And after all that it was time to head home again and see how the kids made out for 3 days on their own. They are adults, but as a parent one always worries.
Ollie in my garden. no point in planting anything in that spot!
How can you get mad at that gorgeous face? Eh?

And that was it once again for summer holidays.

cottage adventure continued....

Jumping off the doc, the water was apparently lovely, even though the sun was not shining..
Luna will turn into a "boat dog" in her old age :)  She was quite thrilled at being allowed to ride along when Ollie had to stay behind.
One tired dog (Ollie) after  all that swimming .
At night we played rousing games of "Mainzelmaennchen" ( or Mensch aergere Dich nicht),
After all that fun it was time to head back home and show the germans the canadian sights.
It all started with lunch at the CN Tower. It is so worth doing the lunch thing, First of all, you don't have to wait in line for the elevator, and you get to see all the same sights in peace and quiet while enjoying a great meal and service.
East End
Toronto Island Airport - it now has a new name which I cannot remember.
a plane coming in...
west end with the Cinesphere in the back there....way back, little white ball....
looking down there is the train round house and beside it Skydome. Too bad the roof was closed.
west end again
downtown core
looking down through the glass floor on the observation deck.

more knitting at the cottage

Since I was a the cottage, I like to knit and listen to my i-pod. This is  Flamenco ( Birgit Freyer - I made it with Noro silk yarn. I was hesitant at first, but I really like it.
... and in between all this I knit "Lazy Anna" - also from Die Woll Lust.
I added some beads to it. Hard to see, but they're there.