Saturday, June 19, 2010

My thoughts for today....

Well, I survived another birthday - #51. Can you believe it? I remember when my mom turned 50 and I thought she was ancient.  I really hate getting older and I know this is just a number and I am as old as I feel. Well then... I should be about 28. haha....
I do feel that my body is getting older and things don't come as easy as they used to. Take energy as an example. I sit outside yesterday and doze off. What's up with that?  Middle of the afternoon and all I got accomplished is grocery shopping, going to see my doc and that's it. And I am tired????  I wonder if this crazy Vitamin D deficiency has really something to do with it. Apparently mine is so low it's almost non existent. So she put me on a super mega dose of it. I only take on pill a week of this and I am trying to spend some time in the sun to get more to fill up my tank - as she puts it. Well, I am still tired, listless and have no desire to do anything. Although it is only a day now that I have taken this megadose. We'll see.
I am having a nice relaxing 4-day weekend though. Thursday I got off because it was my birthday, friday I don't work and then there is the usual saturday and sunday. Then in two weeks I'll do it again as it is July 1st weekend and I have the friday off too... I am so loving not working fridays. It's great. It really gives you that extra day to get things accomplished and then enjoy the weekend.
In the meantime it is World Soccer at our house. The TV has been confiscated by my husband and son. Don't get me wrong - I like soccer too, but not to THAT extent. I'll watch Germany from the sidelines, but that is all. I get too nervous and hyper watching them.  So when I am exposed to this, I knit or read. Clue 2 of Bella Roque is finished and I have started clue 3. I am a bit behind, but that's ok. I don't mind. I get to see the lovely pictures of my co-knitters from Knitting Delight. It's amazing the different colours and types of yarn. I wish I could knit faster. Well, better get back to it.  No pictures today....maybe tomorrow.


Friday, June 4, 2010

June...oh my!

So here we are in June already. Half a year gone again. Is it me or does time fly as you get older? I must admit, I am not liking the speed of this.

The first few nice and warm days, we decided the dogs needed a bath.  So, I ask : How many people does it take to give one dog a bath?
See for yourself.....

One to wash, one to hold and one to rinse!!!
I am sure I could have been amongst them too, to pass the shampoo...haha...

Then we washed all their beds and they still smell good now a week later!

These are some of my flowers that haven't been trampled yet...

And this is our resident frog. He suns himself in this plant all day. He is hard to see, but he is there!

 right smack in the middle

And now for clue 1 of Bella Roque, a new mystery shawl from Birgit Freyer at Die Woll Lust.

I added some beads. The wool is "Mall" in Militare green.
on to clue 2.....