Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer 2011

It's been a hectic and busy spring and summer, with continuous building projects around the house. We had to use the spare bathroom for weeks in order to let our ensuite dry out so we could re-caulk the bathtub. That was fun!... Then I decided that both bathrooms needed blinds, since they never had any to begin with! It was always so bright in there. Now the bright sunlight is diffused and it makes for a much nicer look.
In the meantime, hubby built a lovely gazebo out back extending our outdoor living space. (I will put up photos at some point). We can now sit outside and laugh at the mosquitos - hahaha!!! as it is screened with doors and all. For the fall and winter now, he is is adding plywood around the bottom and some panels at the top, with some other panels as glass, so we can still enjoy it in the fall without freezing to death. Then in the winter it will become storage for the lawn furniture.
I also bought some rope light which will will add around the top to allow for some "mood" lighting. ;)
All in due time, but this has basically kept us busy for the summer along with the garden. And might I add, this has been the best looking garden I have had so far. Now it's almost fall clean up time, so sad!
 On to more cleaning for today.


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